A filmmaker who's work consisting of visual storytelling and guerilla-style filmmaking tactics. Many of his projects are filmed on location in his hometown. 
Her work consists of experimental visuals, blending illustrations & photo to create stories about feelings that we all have experienced. Experience it again.
Each of his surreal releases is carefully crafted with an open mind and executed with raw style. Some content won't be easy to some viewers. 
His work ranges from designing promotional posters & many illustrations. He's a key role to our group, who makes sure the Ramblings aesthetic is always intact. Modest & patient and an outstanding deliverer, his drafts capture the lively imagery of childhood.
Jonathan Rocha
A musician at Ramblings, during his free time. He lends his hand by scoring our films with his synthesizers, creating atmospheric sounds and pretty damn catchy tunes as if it were the soundtrack for your old home movie VHS tapes. 
Friends, youth, and freedom. His use of video envelops his high regard towards living life freely and holding onto good memories always. 
 Starting from a young age, he began writing songs that stay relative to the current situations he lived through as a teenager growing to a young adut. His work ranges from folk sounds to pop influenced songs. Although he is consistently switching back and forth from music projects, he does find time to go back and write a song that properly fits the Woods Wayward sound.
 His songs are derived from the personal fears, flaws, aspirations, and common struggle that people face at a point in their young lives. Though, his music contains an honesty within it's construction. Carefully written, and accessible to the ear, his songs bring forth relatable stories that you can understand after just one listen.