Music Promos by Richard Alexander
Music by Duster Lizzie




My good friend has been working on music for a good while now. He's released a few things under a couple of solo projects, but the first music project that I can remember him ever doing was, Duster Lizzie. Late last year (2016) he released an album under that name. It's been a while since I've seen him do anything as Duster. The result was something different, definitely more established, and it was a departure from what he had released the previous years. A few months later, he informs me that he will be working on a full-length album. He shows me a couple songs, I dig it, it's all exciting. We soon began talking about the promotion for this album. If he was going to be serious about the release, he needed something proper. I began thinking of ideas and he gave me some of his and soon enough, we began shooting the promos.
The goal was to release three promos on a weekly basis, leading to the release date of the album. We would prep and structure the shots at the beginning of the week and shoot the promo by the end. Looking at them now, the results have been more or less what we both envisioned. Collaboration was key for this, or else nothing would get done. Luckily enough, he trusted me enough to steer the visual aspect.